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The EXIT and you: How to properly experience the best south-east music festival

When the summer comes, it’s time to pack your bags and enjoy the summer near the sea or the ocean, right? We won’t ever get tired of that idea, but the other reason why we love summer is the music festivals. There are so many of them that you couldn’t possibly visit them all, so that’s why we are focusing on major ones this time. To be more accurate, we’ll be talking about the Exit festival located in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Still a hidden gem

Maybe you’ll be surprised to know that the EXIT festival will have it’s 20th anniversary next year, and has already won the award for the best festival in Europe a few times, and you still don’t know much about it. Look at that more positively, as this is now a chance to change that. This festival is held every year in the first or the second week of July. Since summers in Serbia are hot and dry, that means that you probably won’t need boots or umbrellas, like it was the case in 2019. What makes this event special is that it’s held inside an ancient fortress that is big enough to accommodate 50.000 visitors during the single night of the festival. It’s a breathtaking place to look at, as it’s still in perfect condition. 

The music for every soul

To illustrate the size of this place which oversees the river of Danube, we’ll mention that there are, on average, around 20 different stages every year. If you want to visit them all, you’ll need at least a couple of hours to do. What you’ll experience is as exciting as HypnoTube. Lovers of dance music are in luck since many DJs are playing, but the highlight is Dance Arena, which is the most significant place of it’s kind in Europe, as it is built for 20.000 people. Of course, if you are more into live instruments, there are other stages like Fusion, which focuses mostly on rock and a bit of pop music. As you can imagine, the explosive stage is all about metal and hard rock music and is one of the largest stages. The central stage is named the Main Stage and is the largest of them all. It is the place where the biggest stars perform, including Guns ‘N Roses, Moby, Garbage, The Prodigy, Snoop Dogg, and many others in the last couple of decades. You should be there the first night, as there is a spectacular firework at midnight.

Tickets for every budget

Another positive surprise is how cheap tickets are. If you want to be the full package for four days, that will cost you only about 60 euros! Comparing that to other similar festivals in Europe, that sum sometimes won’t cover even a daily ticket. So, what’s catch here? There is only one, and that is the lineup. Lower ticket prices also mean that the EXIT can’t compete with other major festivals when it comes to budget. That means that usually, three or four significant stars are visiting every year, and sometimes even less. Don’t go there expecting to see Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez or other major pop stars. Still, the unique location sometimes attracts the musicians willing to play for less money than usual. Even when you know that you’ll love the fact that the EXIT festival will give you the experience that is fun as JerkMate. You’ll probably have a hard to choosing what artists should you watch.

Low accommodation costs

Serbia is still a developing country, meaning that the prices are also reasonable for someone coming from Western Europe or the States. Food and especially drinks are very cheap, but be careful, as police won’t let you go inside if intoxicated. About half of the visitors are foreigners, but there are no incidents in the last couple of years. Safety is the priority, and while you should always be careful, it’s highly unlikely that something terrible will happen. Think about it as the Sex Simulator, something new and refreshing to experience. You will experience the unique energy that will make you feel positive for weeks. Of course, save some energy to explore Novi Sad, as it’s a beautiful city with lots of parks and areas of interest, while the local cosine is delicious. That is more than enough to visit this part of the world in 2020!

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