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The Evolution of Soap

People have been using soap since the ancient Egyptian times and have been made in a whole host of shapes, sizes, colours and fragrances. 

When I grew up, soap tending to come in blocks more often, but like most things, industries and products evolve and it is now far more common to see soap dispensed in liquid form. If we are at home pushing down on our favourite brand’s soap dispenser or at a conference based at a hotel and using their bathroom, it has become the norm to push down or lift up some form of contraption that dispenses the fragrant liquid.  

We don’t tend to think about such a mundane action too much, but when we consider the array of soap pump designs, things have certainly moved on over the years!  Like most things, design trends evolve and there are now a huge range of stylish, contemporary or designer soap pumps to choose from. There are interior design companies like Naken that specialise in supplying these high end pumps and are able to pull together a huge range of product that can match all possible design styles for your bathroom. 

They are certainly more expensive than the commonly used supermarket plastic items, but investing in the look and design of our houses and work spaces makes such a difference and choosing more designer items like these, really can set off the bathroom and give a luxury feel to the room.  Once purchased, it’s with you long term and looks fabulous and generally impresses guests as they visit. 

Sometimes those small touches to any room can simply make all the difference and something as simple as a soap dispenser, suddenly becomes a design influence on your bathroom and home generally.

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