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The coolest places in London

In London you’re never short of things to do. Each day, you can literally fill every hour with new experiences. However, there are some things to do in London that are most definitely a little cooler than others, and if you’re busy trying to find accommodation, like one of the many luxury apartments in London for rent, you don’t have time to seek out the best places to visit. We thought we would make it easier for you, and take a look at some of the hippest, coolest things you can do in the capital. 

The Connaught

If at any point you feel in need of a nice little cocktail, The Connaught is the place to go. Imagine one of the coolest, most exclusive places to go for a drink and this venue fits the bill. And the best thing is, it’s a place anyone can go.

There is a ‘no reservation’ policy. It’s a luxury bar that doesn’t require you to turn up in a Bentley. While this doesn’t guarantee you will meet a celebrity, you will feel like one. It’s a little pricey, but you’ll forget that for a while as you sit back in true splendour. It’s a place of fine wines and high-end cocktails. And the service, as you might expect, is impeccable.

Pollock’s Toy Museum

This is in Fitzrovia, which is naturally cool anyway. So you’re off to a great start.

Pay just £7 and you enter a remarkably intimate toy museum, running across six rooms. These are not your average toys either, and once you’re stuck in, you’ll find something that will really make you think. It’s a little weird at times, and the highlight for many is the 4,000 year-old mouse toy made out of Nile clay. It’s a slightly creepy but always cool delight. And the best thing is, most people you know will be completely unaware of it. So that’s added cool right there.


You’ve probably seen boxes of Twinings tea in supermarkets. It’s good tea, but it is also tea that has hundreds of years of history behind it. Head down to The Strand and you will find the Twinings shop. You can’t miss it, it’s probably the oddest shop on The Strand. Tucked in between bigger, newer stores, this one is tiny and looks like it belongs in a Harry Potter movie.

Inside, you can spend hours checking out the amazing teas. Queen Victoria gave Twinings the Royal Merit, which means that it is the official supplier of tea to the royal family. So yes, enter the shop and drink the tea and you’re almost royalty.

The Hardy Tree

Near St Pancras Old Church there is a graveyard. Once, when he was working as part of an architecture firm, Thomas Hardy (yes, that Thomas Hardy) was told to move some graves so a railway line could be expanded. The headstones remained, and Hardy placed all the headstones in a circular pattern around a tree. Then he went off to write some of the most amazing books in classic literature. An amazing sight, it’s not often you see hundreds of headstones that have been planted around a tree by one of the greatest novelists of all time.

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