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The Best Destinations for Horse Racing Trips

There are many different reasons for traveling. In fact, sometimes a hobby can give you a perfect excuse for visiting new places. If you love to watch horses racing around the track then there are some destinations that you can’t miss.  

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Dubai for a Luxury Experience   

Horse racing in the Middle East has a long and illustrious history. Right now, the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the best options for enjoying a race in a sleek, modern setting with lots of comfort.

The incredible Meydan racecourse here was opened in 2010 and it can hold up to 60,000 spectators. It is a giant, high-quality stadium that has also hosted concerts by the likes of Lady Gaga, Elton John, and Santana.  

In terms of the races, some of the richest and most famous events in the horse racing industry take place here. Among them is the Dubai World Cup, which takes place each year on the last Saturday in March. The $12 million purse makes it the planet’s richest horse race.

Away from the track, Dubai has a range of other tourist attractions to look out for. These include the eye-catching modern architecture and massive Dubai Mall, which is one of the biggest shopping malls on Earth. Some of the world’s tallest new buildings and most luxurious hotels can be found in this booming city.    

 The UK for the Traditional Approach

While Dubai has opted for a forward-looking approach, many of the biggest horse races in the UK maintain a traditional feel. This country is home to some of the oldest races and trophies in the sport.

Among the best-known events are the festivals held at the racetracks in Ascot and Cheltenham. In both cases, several high profile races take place over the course of a multi-day festival. These include prestigious events such as the Ascot Gold Cup and the Cheltenham Gold Cup.   

The races are more formal than in most other parts of the world, with elegant clothing encouraged and many ladies taking the opportunity to wear stylish hats. This makes it ideal for sampling more of an old-fashioned event that evokes the races of years gone by. 

Both Ascot and Cheltenham are close enough to London to make the country’s capital a suitable base during a trip here. You can travel from London to Ascot in around an hour, and to Cheltenham in double the time.  If you stay in the capital then you can visit richly historic sites such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace.   

Kentucky for a Unique Occasion

The Kentucky Derby Festival runs for two weeks in Louisville and is a unique, exciting event. The highlight is the eagerly awaited Kentucky Derby that is run on the first Saturday in May, although due to the Coronavirus it has been postponed to September this year.

This is the biggest festival in Kentucky, with North America’s biggest yearly fireworks display, a balloon race, and a steamboat race among the events. Its history dates back to 1935 and around 150,000 people enjoy it every year.

The Kentucky Derby is held at Churchill Downs and is one of the most prestigious races in the US, as part of the Triple Crown that also features the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. 

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Away from the festival, Louisville offers attractions such as a horse racing museum, zoo, and the Waterfront Park. During the period of the festival this is clearly the big event here, but at other times of year it is a relaxing, pleasant place to explore the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and its other attractions. 

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