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The Best Adventure Holiday Destinations of 2015

While the summer season will soon be a distant memory, those that are lucky enough to be planning a late summer adventure holiday have some pretty exciting places to choose from, two of which we’ll talk about below. And even if you’re not planning a late summer trip, then the destinations we’ll look at can be the foundation for your adventure holiday plans for next year giving you something to think about during the winter months ahead.

The following locations are jam-packed with activities for the daring, so without further ado, here is two of the best adventure holidays of 2015 that will satisfy all amounts of thirsts for things that are a little more risky than a beach break:

Exploring the Mysteries of Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar has a lot to offer adventure seekers and with the country making steps towards better governance, 2015 is going to be the year that showed off Myanmar in a great way. As tourism in the country continues to grow, so too does the number of travel operators that offer custom planned travel packages. As with any travel package to any destination, be sure that the company you choose upholds their obligations and your itinerary is true to your expectations as sometimes travel companies can fall short of their promises. See more information on one specific case to see a prime example of this.

As of now, the most popular adventure packages include cycling tours that take in must see places such as the last royal capital of Myanmar, diving with sharks, surfing, rock climbing, trekking to the most remote and beautiful Himalayan villages and blasting down white-water rapids in the hope of making it to the end in one piece. Sound exciting enough for you?

If not, next up is a beautiful Central American country that’s fast becoming one of the most popular with adventure junkies:

Adventure Vacations in Nicaragua

Backpackers and thrill seekers who are in the know will tell you that one of the best countries to visit in the world is Nicaragua. This beautiful country has so much to offer and whether you are there for a more laid back trip, or a more adventurous holiday, visiting the Central American country will be worth it. Nicaragua’s main places of interest include volcanoes and beautiful beaches as well as its famous surfing opportunities. The fertile regions of the country also provide an opportunity for adventure loving foodies to go on trails that take in some of the country’s best coffee, pineapple, and cocoa farms and production sites in addition to local cafes and restaurants.

Whether you choose to drive or follow a hiking or cycling trail, a trip like this combines the adventure of your travels with a taste of authentic local food. There are many other adventures to be had in Nicaragua, highlights of which would have to include hiking on one of the country’s most active volcanoes, Telica.

The two destinations above represent the best adventure holiday locations for many backpackers, thrill seekers, and ordinary travelers, and what is more heartening is that both countries are showing positive signs after many years of neglect as travel destinations. It’s always great to see ‘new’ travel destinations popping up on the adventure radar, wouldn’t you agree?

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