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Jamaica Beach

The Beautiful Island of Jamaica

I have always wanted to travel to Jamaica. The photos I see are so beautiful and it looks very peaceful. Plus, you know it is a great place when it is a top celebrity destination!

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Katy Perry

Courtesy of E! Online

Katy Perry recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram of her lounging on the tropical island. I am sure the weather is perfect this time of year. Actually, I think it is always pretty decent.

I plan on making a trip there very soon. Which means I need to pack accordingly. There are gorgeous beaches with white sand and clear blue oceans. So I will definitely be at the beach most of the time. Plus, with a tropical climate, it is going to be hot and humid. The perfect weather for a dip in the ocean!

English is the language used there. So I don’t need to learn another language to communicate and get around! I am really excited to go shopping and check out some of the local shops.

The music in Jamaica is great too. Reggae and Ska are very popular in Jamaica, so going out dancing will not be a problem. I hope some of my friends can come with me on the trip, so we will be able to go out and dance to some native music.

Jamaica is not only gorgeous; it has a lot of fun stuff to offer. I plan on spending my morning shopping, my afternoons at the beach and my nights out dancing on the town!


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