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The 3 Spots No One Sees At Disneyland

Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth and this year they are celebrating 60 years of success. The park opened in 1955 and is home to Mickey Mouse and friends. It is also home to the icon of the park, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. You can take a trip down Adventureland, Tomorrowland and so much more. But the park located in Southern California has three secret spots that are never touched. Millions have walked the streets of Disneyland, but they have never see these sacred spots where the public is not allowed to go.

The Disney Dream Suite


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The Disney Dream suite is a two- bedroom luxurious suite, designed by Walt Disney himself. He planned every inch of this suite for his family, but Walt died before it was complete. Disneyland honored Walt by bringing his ideas to life and finishing the suite. It is located upstairs above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. There is even a special switch that you can flip and the lights change color along and music starts to play.

Lilly BelleLilly Belle

Walt Disney loved trains and the Lilly Belle is one of the Disneyland’s most historic train cars. The Lilly Belle was on the train tracks opening day in 1955. The train car was named after Walt’s wife Lillian. It as designed to carry VIPs around the park and sometimes a very special lucky guess. The park tries to keep access restricted because it is such a historic piece of the park.

Hidden Apartment above Main Street USA


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Walt’s home away from home was a hidden apartment located above the fire department on Main Street USA. He created the apartment in 1955 so he could oversea all of the construction from inside out. The place has barely been touched since. The Victorian details remain along with family photos on the wall and the Regina Music Box. Even though no one really goes to the apartment, a light remains on in the window as a symbol of Walt.


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