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San Francisco: Day Two at The Alembic

Well, the good times keep rolling! I just found out my friend, Ashley, just got engaged and needless to say we HAD to paint the town red! alembic vasco After hearing the good news, I called Ashley up and found out she was grabbing cocktails with her newly minted fiancée at one of my favorite spots in San Fran, a little bar called The Alembic. I soon as I arrived, Ashley had already ordered my go to cocktail called the Vasco Da Gama which is made with bourbon, garam masala spiced apple syrup, and a little bit of Scotch. I bet you didn’t think a tiny girl like me could enjoy a whiskey drink! Not only are the cocktails top of the line, the appetizer menu is spot on and very easy to over indulge on! I ordered some pickled quail eggs, the olive chili jam and the jerk spiced duck hearts which paired really well with the indian spices found within the Vasco Da Gama cocktail. A couple of drinks later the bar closed and Ashley was kind enough to let me sleep in her guest room for the night. This was a ruse as I knew John, an established chef in San Fran, would spend the night and I’d be getting some top notch breakfast in the morning. My hopes were dashed as John had an early morning meeting or something. Oh well, time for my favorite activity, brunch and mimosas. I always like to try a new place and Ashley recommended a little spot called Zazie where I took it easy with a half order of eggs benedict and some Mimosa’s. We were greeted by Ashley’s sister Meg who was also visiting San Fran to celebrate the impending nuptials. Meg and I bid Ashley adieu to do what we do best; shop. We visited Chestnut Street where I grabbed a wedding gift for Ashley, even though they haven’t set the date yet, I’m just so excited! The rest of the day was filled with cosmos and some live music. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to move around so much but I know I could never stay put, keep your eyes open for my next destination!

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