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russia's anti-gay law

Russia’s Anti-Gay Law Tarnishing Olympic Reputation

Russia’s Anti-Gay Law

Russia’s anti-gay law has become a sore subject for many with the approaching Olympics. Most recently, Cher turned down a possibility to perform at the ceremony due to the country’s notorious policy.

russia's anti-gay lawAs recently as July, Russia passed a controversial measure to ban the public discussion or display of gay rights within the company of minors. In that little amount of time, the country has drummed up intensive controversy as the host of the Olympic games. Relationship with the west has been tense to say the least, issues over Syria’s use of chemical weapons a major point of contention.

George Takei and Stephen Fry similarly spoke out against Russia’s current anti-gay policies. The measure has been a source of very vocal backlash in the west. Many other celebrities have also joined Cher in their refusal to attend or participate in the Russian Olympics.

The measure has made life difficult for some living under the jurisdiction. Gay individuals have been targeted in acts of violence and torture in recent weeks.

Whereas the outpouring of support from the West is seemingly helpful, some claim it’s actually propelling the violence in Russia further. Many in the region view America as a corrupt power – their support of homosexuals only reinforces the ban.

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