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Reasons to Visit Bruges (Belgium)

Belgium is popular for its chocolates, but Bruges has a lot that should be a treat for your eyes.
From masters in the kitchen to masterpieces in the museum, everything here is special.
So, here are some special reasons and places to visit that should motivate you to visit Bruges, Belgium.

The Burg
With buildings rebuilt in the 16th century, you can find the Burg, a place that expresses the wealth and majesty of medieval Bruges. However, the best part of this place is the Stadhuis, which is Belgium’s oldest town hall and was built in 1376. With a fabulous, original wooden ceiling, you can expect it to steal your hearts.

The Groenerei
Being a waterborne city, Bruges has many canals part linking it to the North Sea. But if you visit the Groenerei, you will notice that it is the most romantic place in the city. The reason behind it is the soothing sceneries topped with beautiful the elegant 17th century mansions.

Sint Anna
Visiting Bruges, make sure that you include Sint Anna to your visit list because you will find De Kermaliet restaurant and Museum Voor Volkskunde and a number of small churches. Churches here are quite interesting, but the 15th-century Jerusalem Church is the strangest of all because it contains a replica of calvery and was inspired by Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre.
Sint Anna is special, but not many people have valued it because visitors usually mob around Burg and city center. However, once you manage to reach Sint Anna, you would want to spend a considerable chunk of your vacation in here.

Spegelaere Chocolate
Belgium is famous for chocolates because every little chocolate that is made in the country is tastier than the branded ones that are available around us. However, if you want to get a taste of the best of the best, Spegelaere is the place to be at. Even locals visit Spegelaere to get a taste of the chocolates made there. Picking up a piece, you will notice that it has no packaging and has minimal designs to attract the masses. However, the family-run chocolatier is the best in the business. So, if you are visiting Belgium, make sure you take a short walk from the city center and taste the goodness sold by them.
Belgium offers the best chocolates in the world. If you have never tried it, visit and buy a pack of chocolates. You should feel the goodness once it is delivered to your doorstep.
The cost can be a bit expensive. So, if you are planning to buy it in bulk, look for deals offered at Deals are available on every product, including chocolates.
For better deals, you can even choose coupon codes.

Have you been to Bruges? If yes, share your experiences and the best place you have visited.

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