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Before You Reach Your Destination: 4 Ideas to Pass the Travel Time

While traveling can be a lot of fun, the journey to reach your destination can get a bit tedious sometimes, especially if you are on a long-haul flight. You need to be prepared and plan your activities to make your time on the plane more bearable. With these entertainment ideas, you can enjoy a peaceful trip without being driven crazy by looking at your watch every five minutes or by the screaming children a few rows in front of you.

Make Use of the In-Flight Entertainment System

Airlines are quick to catch on these days that they need to provide some sort of entertainment for their customers. You may or may not find an option on shorter journeys as you won’t be on-board for hours and hours, but long-haul flights usually offer a selection of movie, TV shows and documentaries to keep you occupied. If you remember to pack your noise cancelling headphones in your hand luggage, then you can immerse yourself in a film for a couple of hours and before you know it, you will have arrived at your destination. Noise-canceling headphones also come in useful if you want to listen to music or have a nap to avoid that horrible jet lag.

Remember that Wi-Fi Exists Up in the Air

Yes, planes have internet too. Whenever you are travelling, be sure to take your gadgets with you, whether that is your phone, tablet or laptop. You can spend your time in the skies talking to friends on social media or have a break from watching movies and try something more interactive. This is a good time to check out other social media apps like Snapchat for some interesting Snapchat ads. Why not have some fun and discover the world of online gaming? There is plenty of chance on a long-haul flight to broaden your horizons beyond playing on the same Angry Birds app that has been on your phone for a whole year. Even if you are not flying to the City of Lights, take yourself to Las Vegas on your device and find your inner casino player, with games such as roulette and blackjack available at the click of a button.

Have a Stretch

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It is important to remember that when the seatbelt sign has disappeared, you are free to move around the cabin, even though a lot of people stay sitting. Moving is key to stretch your muscles and avoid stiffness. If you are someone who goes on long-haul flights regularly, sitting down for long periods can cause dehydration and in very severe cases, blood clots which may lead to deep vein thrombosis. A little walk up and down the aisle every so often is an easy way to avoid this risk and there are lots of simple exercises you can do from your seat which exercise your feet, legs and arms to help blood flow.

Food Glorious Food

You didn’t think you could survive a 10-hour flight without food, did you? Although airplane food is not to everyone’s taste, that does not mean you cannot enjoy a nice meal. It is important to keep energized, and the flight is likely to be more manageable if you have some pre-prepared snacks. Protein-filled foods are ideal, if they are not too greasy, as you have a whole flight with the leftovers of whatever food you bring. Perhaps keep some food out with you at the start of the flight, preferably something chewy like gum or candy, as this can help that unpleasant popping sound in your ears as you experience altitude change.

There we have it. Some foolproof ways of staying occupied and entertained on a long-haul flight. Once you have had a go at all these activities, the time will have flown by and you will have reached your destination.

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