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Prepping Your Man For Your Next Vacation

When it comes to prepping and packing for your vacation, you usually are left to not only pack for yourself, but also your man. If you do end up failing to pack for him, he will just end using your stuff. So, before you go on that romantic getaway, make sure your man is traveling with all of the essentials!

Razors & Trimmers

Of course you want your man to keep a clean face and hairless body, especially if you are going to be hitting the beach. Make sure to pack a couple of different options. A body razor that is steel and has a single blade and a separate razor for the face. Using the same razor on the face and body is not a good idea and will just ruin the razor. The same goes with trimmers, you want to make sure there is one for the body and one for the face. You can easily find travel razors and trimmers for easy packing!

Sexual Health

This is important all year round, but becomes even more so if you are going on a romantic break together. In the lead-up to your trip, take the time to talk to eachother about what your expectations are for the trip, how you are going to both stay safe when you get intimate, and make sure there isn’t anything that he is worried about that might impact you getting intimate together. If he does bring something up, now is your chance to work to get it sorted before you go away – for example, if he’s been struggling to maintain his performance, you could make an appointment at somewhere like this ED Clinic Denver to see if they can offer him something to help with this so, even if it’s not completely cured by the time you go away, he’ll hopefully be on the mend.

Nail Care

Most women really do pay close attention to a man’s hands, especially their nails. To keep nails clean, also carry a nail clipper, tweezers, nail file and hand cream. You can find travel cases that carry all of these items in a nice case, something that can be carried at all times! This is really handy if you are traveling to a tropical island where you will be wearing sandals most of your trip!

Trial Size Toiletries

Trial size products are perfect for travel and will also prevent your man from using your beauty products. Shower gel, moisturizer, after shave, toothpaste and a toothbrush are all must items to have on your next vacation.

These items also make great gift ideas! Manscaped has even more great ideas for getting the best tools for your man’s grooming needs! Even if your man won’t fully appreciate it, you will!

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