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Planning to Volunteer at an Organic Farm: What You Must Know

A truly rewarding experience is volunteering to work on an organic farm. In this day and age, there exist opportunities worldwide for volunteering to work on an organic farm. There is a specific strategy you will want to consider for seeking and finding volunteer work on an organic farm.

Identify Volunteer Opportunities

The (obvious) first step associated with volunteering to work at an organic farm is identifying available opportunities. Once you begin exploring the possibilities available to you, you will realize that their are options the world over.

The internet is the best resource through which you can access information about volunteering on an organic farm. The primary site currently utilized by individuals seeking to volunteer at an organic farm is

Many people elect to volunteer on an organic farm closer to where they live, rather than traveling overseas. With that said, volunteering on an organic farm in another country truly can be a multifaceted enrichment experience. There are benefits to selecting an organic farm closer to home that include:

  • Lower costs for travel
  • Same language
  • Shorter farm stays
  • Close to home

Volunteer Abroad

If you do decide to volunteer abroad, there are a number of specific steps you will nee to take to prepare for and to assist on an organic farm in another country. These are:

  • Obtain valid passport and visa
  • Arrange to fund your travel expenses

When volunteering at a farm in another country, your housing is covered. In addition, you will be able to eat meals at no cost at the farm. Thus, this can prove to be an inexpensive way to learn more about another country, provided you can cover the expenses of getting to that country in the first instance.

You do need to keep in mind that the type of housing can vary significantly from one farm to another. For example, at some organic farms, housing means you pitch a tent. At others, you do live in a house.

Due Diligence

You must undertake a course of due diligence before accepting a volunteer position at an organic farm. You must never accept an offer to volunteer at an organic farm that you haven’t fully vetted.

This process should include not only doing research online, but get references from a farm your are considering. The references should include people who have volunteered at the farm in the past. If the farm is near where you live, pay a visit to it before making a final decision.

Apply for Membership with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

As mentioned a moment ago, is a solid resource for obtaining information about volunteer opportunities on organic farms. This is the website for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

You can become a member of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and access even more information and resources associated with volunteering on an organic farm. Indeed, you are wise to become a part of this organization when you initially start thinking about becoming a volunteer at an organic farm.

Consider the Workload

The type of work that is expected of a volunteer at an organic farm differs from one location to another. Therefore, you need to make certain that you understand precisely what a particular organic farm seeks before making a commitment. You also need to make an honest assessment of yourself. In other words, you need to make certain that you have the skills and abilities necessary to meet the work requirements of a particular organic farm.

Type of Farming Operation

You also need to bear in mind that there are differences between different organic farming operations. For example, there are organic farms that specialize in crops. There are other operations that specialize in livestock. There are farms that cultivate crops and raise livestock. You need to decide what type of operation (and associated job tasks) best meets your desires and abilities.

Pay Close Attention to Dates

Virtually every organic farm establishes a minimum time requirement for working at the operation. You must be absolutely certain that you understand the specific timeframe you will be expected to be working at a farm.

You will also want to inquire as to whether there is a maximum amount of time you can volunteer. Moreover, find out if it is possible to extend your term of service. You might get into working on an organic farm and end up with a real desire to stay longer.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Grow Ace, your best online option for getting your new hydroponic grow operation up and running quickly and easily.

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