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Planning a Bridal Shower with Recipe Bridal Shower Invitations and a Destination Wedding

The excitement of the engagement is starting to set in and so is the reality of planning your bridal shower and wedding. The latest trend these days is a destination wedding! It is always a good idea to go somewhere amazing to get married. And surprisingly, you still have many options when it comes to a destination wedding.

The Bridal Shower

First, you will want to make sure you have a bridal shower since not everything is going to be able to make it to your wedding. Start by picking out a theme for your shower, perhaps a kitchen theme where you can send out cute recipe bridal shower invitations. Once you have your shower, make sure you follow the proper etiquette and send out a thank you card for a bridal shower. It is important to make sure your friends and family know you appreciate them.

Planning the Wedding

The hard part about a destination wedding is deciding who you are going to invite. You don’t even have to invite anymore and just turn the whole trip into a romantic honeymoon. Or you can be very selective with who you are inviting such as just family or close friends. The reality is most people won’t be able to make a destination wedding so don’t feel bad not inviting people, just make sure everyone knows who to get to your wedding websites so they know the details and don’t feel left out.

Choose the Location!

Who you are inviting will help you choose a location. Do you want to go where people need a passport? Or just to a tropical place like Hawaii? There are many options when it comes to traveling for a destination wedding. You can even take a cruise and get married there!

The Details

Don’t forget the details! You can get so wrapped up in choosing the location, guest list and date of your wedding that you might forget the little important parts too. Even though you are getting married somewhere else, you still need to plan the colors of your wedding and other details such as seating arrangements, flower and the bridal party!

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