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places you should never visit rio

Places You Should Never Go in Brazil

places you should never visit rioPlaces You Should Never Go

Last time we discussed the 2016 Olympics taking place in Brazil we mentioned how the country is doing much in the way of cleanup, a mandatory preparation in terms of protecting the droves of tourists that will be here throughout Brazil’s hosting duties. As it turns out, not too long before Rio de Janeiro was voted one of the deadliest cities in the world. So what does that mean for the Olympic events?

Crime has been a major blemish for Rio across the board. Since 1978, it’s estimated that nearly 50,000 people have died from crime-related incidents within the major Brazilian city. Many were surprised this stat alone perhaps didn’t forego Brazil’s ability to host the games entirely. It’s hard to imagine Brazil being one of the places you should never go.

While I wasn’t previously aware of such crazy crime stats facing Rio, I did know the place was dangerous. Still it hasn’t changed my opinion of the region whatsoever. The gang and crime violence will increasingly be addressed by the country as the 2016 Olympics steadily approach. I have to imagine that the local government is aware any serious incident could potentially jeopardize their standing.

So can you consider Rio de Janiero as one of the places you should never go? I think Rio might find its way off that list in the coming years.

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