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Our Top Tips on Dressing Fashionably for Your High Temperature Travels

Since most of us might not be adept at dealing with high temperatures, choosing the right summer pieces can be a headache to us. Not long ago, my summer wardrobe use to take the awry path. Most of the time I ended up packing pieces that were in contrast with the temperatures. This is not a good mistake to make. Especially if you want to keep the cost of your travels down. With this in mind, here are a few tips on dressing for both fashion and temperature.

  • Stick to a Simple Colour Palette

Mix and matching a variety of stylish ensembles is always a travellers prerogative, but sometimes it’s better to keep it simple. Whatever your choice of colours; brown and white, cream and navy, and many others will make you feel pulled together rather than overwhelmingly bright. Reserved and matching colours will not only make you feel more malow, cool and composed, but they will also help reflect the heat of the sun. Always try to avoid the colour black where you can, it absorbs the heat and will actually make you feel more hot and irritated. Do yourself a favour and stick to pale pallets. You want to enjoy the holiday in style, not dread stepping out of the shade in your black top and jeans.

What to Wear: This Summer, throw on a simple cream top with a ruffle wrap and airy skirt. This pick works with so many options including slogan tees, sliders, boho blouses, and much more. They make you look look stylish and sophisticated while simultaneously keeping you cool. Plus you can get your cool clothing at reduced prices when you explore the range of online discounted fashion retailers on Discount Promo Codes.

  • Pick up a Throw On and Go Dress

A throw on and go dress is another perfect pick for the summer; this can be styled up or down since it all depends on the activities that you will be attending. Grab one with a gorgeous length and flattering shape and you could wear it with anything right from sandals to heels to change your look. These throw on dresses are effortless, cool and very stylish. You can pick them up in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and they make the perfect piece of temperature-proof travelling fashion.

What to Wear: When travelling to an exceptionally hot country it may be worth wearing a white or cream throw on dress with a shoulder clutch bag in brown and a pair of hard soled leather sandals. This look will leave you feeling cool and fashionable.

  • How to Dress Appropriately for Less

Why not try out some online retail options to find pieces in match with the season. One of the best ways that you can find the right clothes for the right temperatures is by sourcing and using promo codes for Marks & Spencer online. Not only can you get high quality clothing that is weather appropriate, but you can save money too. Online retailer discount codes really are a win win situation. Keep it simple and stylish, regardless of whether it’s Summer, Winter, or Autumn.

What to Wear: Marks & Spencer stock a range of weather appropriate clothing. Your best bet is to watch the online retail section and look out for some baggy and thin khaki trousers, an airy overshirt and a high quality cap.

  • Add Interest with Your Accessories

It’s always worth stirring up something unique by teaming your ensembles with different accessories. Personally, I would go for anything with a pompom. Tassels and bold shades are also a great option too. Always try to stick with something light, airy and easy to remove. No one wants to be wearing too many heavy bangles and chain necklaces in the soaring heat. But a nice light bracelet and a wide summer hat will give you that fashionista look while keeping you comfortable in the heat.

What to Wear: Since you definitely need to carry something with your to your destination, tote bags are practical and fun to carry around because of their plus size. Teamed up with yellow sandals, they are bound to add a touch of sunlight to your style while simultaneously keeping you cool.

All in all, it still boils down to one fact. Keep it simple while looking for cool and sophisticated fashion pieces. Start shopping today and raise your fashion bar while staying cool. Just remember to pick light pallets, save money with online voucher codes, choose airy dresses and add interest in your accessories.

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