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Nightlife in Bangkok

As the sun goes down, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, adorns with starling paradisiacal costumes. From night clubs to discos and from rooftop bars to night markets, Bangkok claims a lot to do at night until wee hours of dawn. So, you can select one of these destinations, or explore them all if you want to experience the nightlife in Bangkok to the maximum.

  • Khao San Road

Khao San Road in central Bangkok is full of life at night, and it is also popular as a universal backpacking center. It is occupied by young travellers due to the inexpensive eats, stays and the availability of booze. People who have gulped loads of booze dance in the middle of the road. It is a simple ritual unique to this street, buy a bagful of beer, make new friends and dance spark out on the street. You can also visit the club right in the middle of this road to make moves with cool throbbing music and colorful light beams. Try to taste the divine Pad Thai and milk cakes (rotis) while roaming on the street. Also you will get the opportunity to say goodbyes to your sore muscles by the Thai massages provided at night right on the Khao San Road.

  • Sukhumvit

This is the longest road in Thailand which is the perfect place for party lovers. The nightlife here includes everything from stunning rooftop bars and thunderous clubs to bright beer bars. I think you should start the night-off from Octave where you can sip a cocktail while admiring the beauty of Bangkok through a 360-degree view. The rooftop bar is suitable for a fancy dinner too. The Iron Fairies Bar is recommended for a signature cocktail under soothing jazz music in between tiny winged creatures as in the name. The greatest adult entertainment complex in the world, “Nana Plaza” makes Sukhumvit a Disneyland. It will soothe your sight with visually exotic open-air beer bars, tantalizing lady boy shows and go-go- bars. You would also like to sense and shake your legs with Bangkok’s best sound system at the Levels Club & Lounge.

  • Silom

Although this is the financial center of Bangkok, it claims a lively nightlife. Lebua Sky Bar was a popular film set in The Hangover part 2 and the perfect sight to enjoy the bird’s eye view of Bangkok’s skyline. At the Maggie Choo’s Bar, you will get a little familiar feeling as this reminds you of the Gringotts Wizarding Bank in Harry Potter. If you enter the Tapas Room which is a club designed as a Spanish villa, you can dance to Bangkok’s best Latino house music with a cocktail in hand. Remember to put on your dancing shoes! Pat-pong, the birth place of Thailand’s go-go bars and also a famous red light area will thrill your minds by the raunchy shows and pole dances.

  • Royal City Avenue (RCA)

RCA has the best dancing floors in Bangkok with the popular international DJs. So it is the perfect place for club dancing lovers. You will feel like a paradise where all the lively talented artists, dancers and musicians gather. Onyx, Bangkok’s first club, holds a big-room style. It is rocked by the best DJs in the world. Laser shows, confetti bombs and ice cannons will multiply your excitement at Onyx. Route 66 is a Thai club which is famous for its wild parties. This is usually a crowded place with varieties of music and dancing from hip-hop, western, R&B to Thai hits. 

  • Asiatique Riverfront

This is a unique place unlike the noisy Silom and Sukhumvit in Bangkok. This area is a great place to get a cultural experience like night markets and cabaret shows and also perfect for family night-offs. The place is busy and very vibrant with a great atmosphere and as the sun goes down it looks damn beautiful!  Its action is limited to the rooftop river-facing charming bars. You can easily reach there by a boat. Don’t forget to try some delicious street foods from dining outlets while shopping. The Calypso Cabaret leaves you in a world of glamour and humor. You will open up in awe by Thailand’s famous lady boys singing, dancing and mocking up. Have you ever seen professional kicks exchanging in real life? Muay Thai Stadium gives you that opportunity to watch two fighting muscular bodies and also incredibly choreographed acrobatics and flying jumps. 

  • Chinatown

This is a culinary adventure with some of the best street food in town. Mouth-watering Thai foods are being sold by hundreds of stalls on the pavement. My sole advice to you is on Chinatown don’t waste your time finding tables and chairs. Grab the food and eat it right on that spot. But those who prefer to sit must step on to Tep Bar, where you’re able to sip a traditional Thai drink while listening to music. This place is packed everyday with people who want to taste Thai traditional foods. The Yaowarat Road; the main street of Chinatown transforms into a heaven for foodies with a diversity of eatables from dim sum, oyster omelet, flat noodles to fresh seafood and homemade ice-creams. This is also an ideal place to buy yourself some souvenirs. 
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