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New York City’s Seaport on Thursdays

Manhattan’s South Street Seaport has been rebuilt since Hurricane Sandy and is now home to fun bars, delicious eateries and some pretty cool shops. The Seaport has been renovated in the last few years and now Thursday nights are a great a place to explore the area.

You can start in the late afternoon by enjoying some snacks at Seaport Smorgasburg. There are plenty of picnic tables surrounded by cobblestoned streets. You have a choice of munchies from eight different New York City street vendors and they are all delicious.

After munching on some yummy food, take a stroll down Seaport Studios. There are a number of shops that makes shopping a lot of fun. A lot of the stores offer some great independent brands that are hard to find.

Once you have done some shopping, head on over to the Seaport Culture District. There is a little bit of something for everyone with great art exhibits and some more unique shopping. It is a different type of place but has been remolded into a lot of cool stuff since Hurricane Sandy.

For dinner, Ambrose Beer and Lobster is the place to be. On Thursdays, the local favorite spot has some wonderful local musicians. There is always different beer on tap and the salads are a great way to start your meal. The menu is full of tasty lobster creations like the lobster-grilled cheese.

To end the night, you have to check out the local’s favorite water hole, Fresh Salt. It is named that because of the front antique advertisement when it was a smokehouse a century ago. The bar is a lot of fun and full of friendly locals. It is open till 4am if you are looking to stay a while. The drinks are terrific and pretty cheap considering it is a bar in Manhattan.



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