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New Orleans Travel Tips & Musings

new orleans travel tipsPretty short flight, thankfully. I’ve had my fair share of airplanes in the past month alone. Feel like I spent half a week in the air already. Enough flying – time to start taking in the sights.

Nothing says New Orleans quite like the right jazz club. After a cab ride back from the airport, we ended up getting dropped off near a swanky part of town where the positive ions were flowing. You could faintly hear music around every street corner, lots of vendors weaving through the streets peddling some seriously amazing smelling catfish.

Noticed a little crowd milling around a little hole in the wall, place called The Spotted Cat Music Club. Have to say, pretty mixed crowd when we got inside – all ages. Cheap drinks to start the night off and great live music. We listened to some jazz fusion band for a solid hour, they took no breaks that entire time. Only thing I’ll mention is that the bar was cash only – fortunately Taylor was there to spot me.

My New Orleans travel tips? Make sure you withdraw plenty of cash upon your arrival to NO – lots of cash bars and street vendors will only accept one form of payment.

Met some locals outside the nearby hotel we checked into for the night. The one guy, Dennis, did some awesome juggling act while the other guy, Eric, was an unstoppable force of percussion. This guy could play guitar while keeping a steady beat, despite interacting with the crowd and even incorporating some flair. Seriously crazy. I think today I had a real sense of the vibrant tone in Nola, unlike anything else you’d ever find.

Tomorrow is a big day! Taylor and I decided to put a little money down on experiencing the casinos out here. Let’s see if my luck has changed any since my last trip to Vegas!

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