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lalaurie house new orleans

New Orleans LaLaurie House, Final Day!

lalaurie house new orleans

Final day in Nola. Had to be big, right? Hadn’t heard of the LaLaurie House prior to today, but wow.

Taylor took me down to Preservation Hall and we danced for a few hours straight to some of the most swinging live jazz I’ve ever heard. Personally, it blew the first bar out of the water. Lots of audience participation – was pretty incredible. Was nice to spend some time getting up and moving.

Taylor wanted to do something really different – we took a look at the tourist options as a last resort. The ghost and cemetery tours immediately jumped out to us. New Orleans has a rich history of ghost stories and haunted houses, legends that really tie in with the architecture. We did a little encore within the French Quarter for a little jaunt into the horror scene.

LaLaurie House. Voted the most haunted place in all of New Orleans. Taylor and I knew we had to go immediately. While we weren’t actually able to go inside, merely being outside the place was creepy enough. According to local legend, the house had some gruesome murders that occurred within. Also, apparently once upon a time Jack Nicholson owned the property. Hard to describe the feeling, but your skin tends to crawl when gazing through the vacant windows.

I guess in order to shake things off, we took a carriage tour afterward. It’s funny how quickly you can shake the eerie vibe, how close it goes hand in hand with the music culture around every avenue. Really a testament to the uniqueness of the area.

Ended the night by having cocktails on a riverboat – only this time I wasn’t gambling all my money away. Taylor and I reminisced about some of our travels in Europe – she told me she met someone in Spain and had an off and on relationship. Found it pretty surprising, but wishing her all the luck in the world in terms of being able to roll it over into something substantial. Honestly, it was just refreshing to catch up with a friend and discuss our lives. I never realize how few opportunities I get to do that on the road.

Ending up walking through the streets back to a hotel we made a reservation for earlier – that was probably the right call after the amount of drinking we did. Going to hate to see this trip finally come to a close, but glad it’s ending on such an awesome note.

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