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new orleans casino night

New Orleans Casino Night

new orleans casino nightReady for New Orleans Casino Night? I had some money to burn.

Taylor and I looked up a decent place to gamble and ended up finding Treasure Chest Casino, a riverboat version of your average dirty casino. We were told this was where the locals came to play, Harrah’s being more of a tourist trap. Riverboat? Blackjack? Whatever, I was sold.

All right, I get it. A dirty riverboat clogged with cigarette smoke and somewhat unsavory characters isn’t your idea of an attractive setting – but the Treasure Chest was actually quite pretty at night. The lights than adorn the side of the boat reflect off the water, glimmering off the black water. It’s almost enough to stop you from going below deck and losing all your money. Almost.

Taylor wasn’t too concerned about the riverboat aesthetics, she was running game on the craps table. I never understood how to play craps for the life of me – I was told to play the pass line as a beginner. Should have stuck with doing that but I was itching for a few hands of blackjack.

Want a solid example of the local personality? Find a seat at the blackjack table. My dealer, Ernie, wasn’t messing around – pure business. Had an expression for every hand he cleaned me out on. “Sorry whodi, boo-coo bucks for the house tonight.” My wallet did a lot of bleeding tonight.

Taylor made out with close to $300 from a single table after an hour – must be that Nola native luck. At least she was courteous enough to purchase me some drinks!

Beautiful night in New Orleans. This is exactly the type of experience I wanted to have coming down here.

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