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My Top Three Things To Do in Australia

Australia is a top vacation destination for many thrill seekers and young travellers, and no wonder. This beautiful and diverse country has many mountains, deserts, reefs, forests, beaches and multicultural melting-pot cities to see and admire.

With so many to see and usually so little vacation time, many people tend to miss out on the best parts of visiting Australia. It is great that there are ways to see Australia’s highlights in a small amount of time, just like taking Australian Sunset Safaris tours. Here are some of the best spots that you must not miss.

Fraser Island


When you get to a foreign country, the best way to get around is to ask the locals. Fraser Island is known to the locals as paradise. How can anyone pass up on that! This is also the largest sand island in the world, which makes for a beach bum’s dream destination. Its crystal blue waters and lakes are postcard worthy sights teeming with exotic wildlife and marine life.

Great Barrier Reef


The world’s largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, is a paradise underwater. No diving or travel enthusiast is unfamiliar with this diving destination. Even if you didn’t know how to dive, a simple snorkel can give you an experience that you will never forget. Swim with turtles, admire the marine life, be captivated by the many different colors of the underwater world.

Australia’s Rainforests


There is no better place to really experience mankind’s pre-civilization history than rainforests. Austra has World Heritage-listed rainforests that stretch across the entire country, which is a climate miracle with its hot deserts sitting right next to cool temperate wilderness. You can discover and appreciate forestry that has been there since the time of dinosaurs. There are also some opportunities for extreme outdoor activities.

There are many reasons to Australia, and these are just some of them. What’s best to remember, whatever country you’re planning to visit is to do your research, but be open to new and spontaneous experiences.

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