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Monday Munch: Food Review of Alsur Cafe (El Born)

Barcelona will always have a special place in my heart and my stomach will have to fight hard to ever forget the delicacy that this place offers. In comparison with Madrid Barcelona prides himself in being able to draw outside the lines.

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Don’t get me started on this place, first let me try and pin this on a wider spectrum. Madrid in general tends to have a more traditional approach to food as opposed to Barcelona who has flourished and adapted well to its overwhelming young adult tourist numbers. The crowd at Alsur Cafe is always young and hip and feels very much like what a beach front cafe would in Southern California.


The aesthetics of this place will absolutely blow you away, I fell in love with the light bulbs hanging across the laptop area where one side has a row of single sofas with mini tables and the other side has benches with soft pillows. Perfect way to start the day with whether that means preparing for an afternoon meeting, catching up on your e-mails or meeting up with an old friend. This inviting atmosphere and exquisite place will have you falling in love over and over again.


The breakfast, the lunch, the brunch, the dinner and the pastries are all to die for here. When it comes to food they simply do not make bad food. If you are not in the mood to indulge in some of their empanadas or freshly made guacamole, if you are craving that gourmet style burger you left behind at home make sure to order La Burg, surprisingly one the best restaurants for burger in Barcelona.

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They are dedicated to service as much as they are to flavor. What one day started as an impromptu lunch outside with some friends has now become a regular every time I am in Barcelona.

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