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Sunset near Trafalgar square, London, UK

A Mini-Guide to London for the ADHD Adventurer

So you’re about to head to London, either for your first time or your first time without the family chain gang tagging along doing touristy things. Now is the perfect time to head out for your holiday, flights to London, England are at extremely fair prices now due to the current economic climate. What is there to do in this cultural hot pot that can provide a killer time without spending an arm and a leg? Plenty! Here is my no-nonsense guide to the best spots in London for 20 and 30-somethings.

Cargo. Pubs are awesome but sometimes you want to kick it up a notch and see some live music, get caught in a cloud of fog, bask in dim lights and check out what’s on. Cargo is huge and often has really cool events in its several rooms, be sure not to miss this place.

Camden Market. What a great place to people watch. There’s still a lingering punk aura around these parts, even when the streets are filled with people looking for bargains, odds and ends, and street food. There are plenty of places to go in Camden, but its nice to just walk around on a breezy, cool day.

Burrough Market. In my memory I can still here the accordion playing and the smell of fresh food roasting under a flame. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-intolerant, meat lovers, and omnivores can come together here and get a sample of different cheeses, beers, ciders, meats and more. There are so many food carts that you might actually have trouble deciding where to feast.

The MoMA. While you might have been to a Museum of Modern Art in New York or Los Angeles, the MoMa in London is equally as cool. Just over the Centennial Bridge, you can spend a day at the MoMa trying to understand art and look really smart in doing so. Afterwards you can relax your brain by sitting on a grassy knoll overlooking the Thames and eating an ice cream.


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