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How Merchant Account Solutions Can Help Your Online Business

Online purchases

In business, every dollar spent should make sense and take you a step forward towards being a success. This philosophy is leading more and more business owners to use a merchant account to conduct business and increase their sales. A merchant account allows the account holder to receive payments in various ways. These solutions cover everything from credit card processing to NFC phone and Smartphone apps.

Using a point of sale terminal can add clear, tangible value to your company in more ways than one, especially if you are running an online business and are often traveling.

Traveling often

Credit Cards

Back in the day, there was a manual swipe machine that basically carbon copied the credit card information for the banks to process, but that is less common in today’s day in age. That process has been streamlined by merchant services. Your company can now accept credit, debit, and chip cards no matter where you are doing business.  


Increase Sales

Research has shown that a person will spend more money when they use their credit cards over cash. Consumers are also more likely to actually spend money when they have a credit card over cash. This is great news for your sales numbers if you are using a merchant account solution.


Cash Flow Management

Accepting the various card payments, payments made from your phone, and other smart devices help you to keep track of all of your transactions. This will help you to be better organized as well as allow for better management of your finances and business revenue projections for the future.

Happy Customer Good E-Commerce

Happy Customer, Happy Business

When your customers are satisfied and become returning customers, that makes the bottom-line of your business worthwhile. Allowing the flexibility to purchase goods or services, quickly, tends to make customers very happy and enhances their shopping experience. The convenience for the customer should never be taken for granted and their satisfaction will keep you in business.

The Clover mini is an excellent example of a device to use with your merchant account. It is compact and can go where ever your business is, including abroad!  Overall, a point of sale terminal offers a lot of great features for your online business. Here are some of the great benefits you can incorporate into your online business today when selecting a merchant account service:


Accepts Credit Cards and e-Checks

–  Allows you to accept credit cards and e-checks from every website you own. Your funds are automatically deposited into your own merchant bank account instantly. Enjoy accepting payments and making money while you are traveling the world, and also be able to use that cash for your next adventure.


Free MOTO and Mobile Payments

– Gives you the ability to accept all major credit card payments safely and securely from your mobile phone or tablet, which is excellent if you are often on-the-go.


Fraud Detection and Prevention

– Ability to prevent, identify, and manage any unusual activity or sketchy transactions that may have occurred.


Merchant Account Access

– Merchant companies allow you access to their password-protected website in order to review and manage all of your transactions anywhere and anytime.



– 24/7 online support, which is crucial to tackle any problems that may arise when abroad.

All of these features make it possible for your to live your dream and travel the world, all while running a successful online business!

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