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Is Medical Cannabis Used To Stop Malaria?


Malaria is a harmful and potentially fatal disease that is said to have already killed an exorbitant amount of people. Each year, it continues to claim more than 1 million lives. Physicians and other experts are currently studying cannabis as a treatment for malaria. If you’ve been searching for “marijuana delivery near me,” chances are you don’t want to consume cannabis to treat malaria. But, it’s amazing to find out that the miracle plant many of us rely on to stay in good health can potentially help combat a fatal condition.

What is Malaria?

There are 5 Plasmodium species of malaria that cause human illness. Of these species, P. falciparum and P. vivax are the species that are mostly responsible for human malaria deaths. P. malarie and P. ovale frequently cause non-fatal and milder forms of malaria. Malaria is a parasitic infection that’s transmitted by 100 different species of mosquitos. When treated early enough, malaria patients sometimes can beat their illness and come to a state of full health again.

Malaria’s Current Death Toll

It’s estimated that about 677,000 deaths occurred in 2012 as a result of around 207 million cases of malaria. Since malaria is often poorly documented, the death toll and number of cases may have been much higher – possibly up to 500 million cases of malaria in total.

Cannabis for Malaria Treatment

If malaria is not treated rapidly, the disease can progress quickly and severity can reach the point of death in a matter of a few hours. Usually, death from malaria is due to acute respiratory distress, which may be caused by pulmonary oedema (accumulation of lung fluid). Cannabis has been used to combat symptoms of diseases associated with fever – like rabies, cholera, and tetanus – throughout history. There are references in literature to early Chinese people treating malaria with cannabis. The Pen T’Sao Ching also states that cannabis has therapeutic properties, such as the ability to clear blood and cool temperature.

Marijuana Delivery Near Me: Treat a Fever with Medical Cannabis

Even if there aren’t any recent studies showing an absolute ability for cannabis to cure malaria, there is evidence to suggest that it can help with malaria symptoms. And, cannabis has shown to help with a variety of symptoms – such as fever – associated with other health issues. If you’ve spoken to a doctor and you’ve determined you could benefit from medical cannabis, you may have searched “marijuana delivery near me” and found Green Door West. Green Door West is a cannabis delivery company offering cannabis delivery in Orange County and throughout the Los Angeles area, and we can bring you the medicine you need to help with your condition.

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