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Marseille: The Perfect City in France for Business or Leisure

Paris may be one of the most popular cities to visit in the world, but there is another beautiful city in France that is also a great tourist spot, the city of Marseille.

Marseille is the 2nd largest city in France. The Mediterranean city is known for its famous port and is home to an important trading center in the area. In the heart of the city sits the Vieux-Port, which means “old port”. It is a well-known spot where fisherman can set-up and sell their fish.

Not only are the sites to see beautiful, but so is the weather. If fact, Marseille is the sunniest city in France, and also the driest. July and August are the warmest months, with temperatures averaging with a high of 85 degrees and a low of 66 degrees, but you can expect temperatures to be a little cooler, around 80 degrees, near the sea. December to February are the coldest months with a high temperature averaging around 54 degrees and the average low around 39 degrees. With the clear skies and refreshing temperatures, it is a prime spot to visit in southern France.

The city is also home to great transportation infrastructure, with their roads, sea ports and airport. The airport is the 4th largest airport in France, so airport transfer for Marseille is easy! Aix Marseille University is well-known across France and has the 2nd largest research center in the country.

Marseille is seeing a large growth in their economy with new businesses along with continued success with their famous port. The port is a prime spot for many cruise ships due to all of the things that the city has to offer. Since the year 2000, Marseille has seen over 7,200 companies become established in the city. The city also has 24 museums, art galleries, plenty of delicious restaurants, trendy bars, luxurious hotels and all of the shopping you could want.

With all of the fun things to do and see in Marseille along with the terrific weather and easy transportation, the city is a great place to go and relax. But it is also a great destination for business, especially since the city only continues to expand!


Photo courtesy of Jddmano – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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