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Love was in the air

Hey guys!

Spoiler alert: This post is extremely cheesy

So I know I’ve been slacking on keeping you guys updated on my life. I don’t even know where to begin this story but… I’m getting married!! Turns out a girl can  although I’ve flown through countless countries it turns out only Spain could steal my my heart.

On this particular 5 am I was put on door duty for boarding passes and making sure I directed people to the right seat. Everyone knows these flights are especially brutal and us tenants  tend to only get the  crabby and sleepy faces walk past you. This morning was particularly bad up until he walked up – boarding pass  on hand – with a soft smile. I have been working as a flight attendant now for several years but had never experience something like this before. After I demanded my knees to keep their composure I made a mental note of his seat number (C19) and forced myself to escape his captivating green eyes and check the next customers ticket.

As flight attendants we tend to get aforementioned with dates, but I had never experienced the urge to after a passenger on the plane. I had a huge force of attraction towards him and throughout the entire flight when I wasn’t trying to maneuver ways to talk to him, I kept counting down nervously the seconds before the flight would be over. Round one of beverages came around and I offered C19 his beverage of choice and decided to get a little more information on this guy who was quick to tell me he was in the last few stages of finish his M.D thesis paper, for which he was in Spain for (not just the tapas).

He was gorgeous, funny and smart and for some reason my heart told me I wasn’t about to let that go. I walked through one last time to do checks on the aisles before final descent and I asked him politely to put his seat in the upright position and his tray table all the way up. As he maneuvered through I boldly reached over and he reached to put up his tray table and said “You must’ve forgotten something” both stopped midways, I handed him a piece of paper with my phone number and name and wish for the best he looked at me and smiled, I melted internally and walked away. The plane arrived and I was on inventory duty in the back of the plane so I could only hope he wouldn’t take my note as a joke. I went home that night and got a call that claimed to be “Seat C19”.

Unconventional of course, as most of a flight attendant’s life tends to be. But we went on a date that night, a date that has lasted now almost four months. C19 finished up his research and has asked me to head back to the states with him as his fiancee (and I agreed!!!)

I’ve been giving everything a lot of thought and as I sit in this chair as a passenger not a flight attendant I wonder all that lays ahead for me. A part of me feels like it will always be restless and will miss the opportunities life as a flight attendant has given me. On the other hand, I know that I will never stop traveling a big part of my soul will always call for it and since we look forward to a destination wedding I have lots of research waiting for me to discover the absolute perfect place. I missed you guys so much and I look forward to sharing this journey, as always, with you guys.


Can you guess where I am going next?


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