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Los Angeles Kings Playoff Game in Sunny California

If there’s one really great tidbit about my current LA layover, it’s definitely the Los Angeles Kings. You might find it a bit peculiar that a girl from somewhere as warm as Houston would identify as a major NHL fan – but it’s definitely an interest that’s bloomed in recent years.

For as many people as I know living around the country, surprisingly only a small amount reside in the LA area. Not having someone to see a hockey game with was almost a deterrent for me to attend – but this is playoff hockey. It’s a totally different kind of animal – I simply had to go!

I’ve been working a ton lately, something some regular readers might have picked up on from my general lack of updates throughout May. With money to burn at the bottom of my purse, I headed down to the STAPLES Center and purchased a scalped ticket. Lower level seats for one of the most exciting series against the Anaheim Ducks? I think so!

To any hockey detractors out there, I’ll tell you one thing right now – the sport just can’t translate on television. Similar to basketball, it’s impossible to truly appreciate the speed, strength and general athleticism until you see it in person. You’ll just have to trust me on this one!

My seats were pretty close to the bench, giving me a full view of the entire Los Anegeles Kings roster. Playoff atmosphere had the LA crowd ignited – you can feel your seat rattling from the noise alone. The tension was palpable, the Kings currently led the series by 1 game, a win here could give them a serious edge on the series.

The hits in playoff hockey are absolutely punishing, the type of physicality not suited for those faint of heart. Some of the toughest guys in all of professional sports, major league hockey players take a beating but somehow still find a way to stay on the ice. More than a few times I saw a guy get leveled in front of me and thought for sure he’d be out of commission, but they just get back on their feet!

There are few things as thrilling for sports fans to witness a playoff win if front of their home crowd. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance to see LA fans revel in their recent championship team. Goalie for the Los Angeles Kings, Jonathon Quick, probably made the difference in the win.

My layover in Los Angeles is far from over – more adventures to come from the City of Angels!

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