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Looking for porcelain restoration: Find out a cosmetic clinic nearby!

If you are thinking dentistry nowadays to be limited to taking teeth out; then I think it is time for you to upgrade your understanding related to science and technology. Today, cosmetic dentistry is a new branch of dentistry that is emerging at a faster rate; with many clinics offering this advanced aesthetic dentistry. This is usually being accomplished by dentists who have undergone specialized training required to change your smile appearance, using advanced minimally invasive procedures. Thus, if you are currently struggling to find the answer to the question, what are cosmetic dentistry near me; you should first understand what is a cosmetic dentistry, what treatments it can offer and what are the new resolution that needs to be incorporated to keep your teeth healthy and happy for a longer time duration. 

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a new branch of conventional dentistry, dealing with correction of tooth and/or smile appearance, by rectifying multiple dental related issues. Since the branch is mainly concerned with the cosmetic application, it is named accordingly. 

Statistical analysis has further suggested that around 99.9% of adults are conscious about their teeth and smile appearance today, and are referring to smiling as an important tool to increase their social media quotients. Moreover, analysis has further revealed that around 75% of the urban population believes that a smile is an important factor that decides our career as well. 

The cosmetic treatment mainly includes all the procedures like veneers, bridges, tooth whitening, filling up the gaps and so on. 

While dentists love to help their patients with smile related issues, they strongly acknowledged the ability of cosmetic dental surgeries to correct; however, the very first step towards your happy smile is a detailed consultation with a cosmetic dentist near you. Porcelain restoration of broken and/or chipped teeth is a very important procedure that is commonly being performed. Thus, read on to understand what is porcelain restoration and how can one be benefitted from the said procedure?

  • What is a porcelain restoration?

Porcelain is a type of chemical-based material that has been produced to give your dental crowns a unique strength, texture, tactile sense and functional power. With the help of this procedure, your natural teeth become more sparkling and translucent; just like any newborn has. It should be noted that the texture is just comparable with that of the tooth enamel, and the finishing ability of this procedure is so natural; that no one would be able to distinguish between the facts that there has been a need for a crown. However, a procedure demands accurate fabrication of tooth be restored, which can be done in the lab with the help of the exact impression of your denture. With the help of recent advancement, it has been possible to create crowns that are free from any metal; to give the great finishing touch. 

  • What is the need for a replacement?

Patients today wish to replace their crown due to a variety of reasons; one of the most general reasons can be tooth decay under the crown. Thus, it has been commonly advised by experts that very important everyone has to do X-ray analysis of their teeth to discover potential tooth decay, which can hide underneath the crown and/or bridges. Moreover, the expert dentist would always prefer replacing metal-based crowns with that of porcelain one; to provide the cosmetic purpose. At the same time, it should also be noted that over the period of time, porcelain crowns can chip; giving bad structural as well as functional performance. Thus, it is always a better idea to replace old porcelain crowns with the new one, to avoid complications. 

  • Is it possible that a porcelain crown can add on to the wear and tear of my other teeth?

Since porcelain is made up of a material that can very rarely pressurize other teeth; of course, at the end of it, one should be very cautious while biting and/or chewing by minimizing overall pressure on the other teeth as well. As a matter of fact, when porcelain teeth are being prepared in the lab, they have been sculpted and shaped according to the structure required to fit into the same perfectly; and minimize discomfort associated with the same. 

  • Are there any other special instructions to be followed post procedures?

Experts have further added that there is really no need for any extra care; post porcelain procedure. However, a regular home care regime should not be discontinued to maintain its effect. 

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