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NFL London

London Takes on the NFL

London is ready to take the next big step with the NFL. For nine years now, the NFL has been traveling to London to play a couple regular season games. But British Chancellor George Osborn is ready for London to have their very own team.

The NFL fan base in London keeps getting bigger and more regular season games are being played at Wembley each year.

So it is no surprise that British Chancellor George Osborn would love to have an official NFL team playing in the UK. London has a pretty big NFL fan base and it is getting bigger each year. Osborne just recently said that he is hoping that London will get a team in the next four to five years. NFL’s executive vice president international, Mark Waller, also thinks London getting their own team is a good idea. In fact, he announced his idea for it back in 2007, when the games first started in London. He said the NFL has always envisioned a team coming to London within 15 years.

So far this year, the New York Jets took on the Miami Dolphins at Wembley and there are still two more regular season games for the NFL scheduled in London this year. The Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars will play on October 25th and one week later, the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs will face off.

It would definitely be interesting if London did get their very own NFL team. It might be difficult because traveling back and forth each week would be very tough. I could see how it would affect their playing. But there are a lot of NFL fans in London so it would make them happy and might turn out to be a great idea.



Feature image courtesy of Bob Martin/USA TODAY Sports.

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