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Leaving San Francisco

San Francisco Travel

Well, here I am on my last day in the wonderful city of San Francisco. The Golden City has always treated me well and today has been no exception.

I spent my morning taking a brisk walk around my hotel, stopping to talk to a few of the other early risers. I spoke to a young married couple who recommended a great place for brunch (as if they already knew my obsession!) and an elderly woman who was walking her dog. She told me she had been living in San Francisco for over 60 years! I can only imagine what historic events she got to witness in this wonderful place.

When I got back to my hotel I packed my bag, put on some flats, and walked down to the lobby to check out. I was able to leave my luggage in the hotel and took a cab over to the brunch spot the couple from my walk had mentioned, Nopa.

The place was absolutely packed! Good thing it was only a solo brunch, otherwise I imagine I would have had to wait for up to an hour just to get some grub! Anyway, I had the homemade granola and some house smoked bacon. I know, I know — the bacon probably wasn’t the best choice for health reasons, but when the table next to me ordered it I knew I had to try some.

The restaurant was absolutely phenomenal. Everything including the wait staff, the atmosphere, and especially the food was amazing. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone traveling to San Francisco. I wish I was staying a few more days so I could come eat here with Ashley and her soon-to-be husband!!

After walking off my meal for a bit, I made my way back to the hotel and went directly to the airport. It was saddening to walk through the airport knowing I would have to leave this city.

San Francisco has always and will always be one of my favorite cities in the United States. I had such an amazing time while I was here. From basketball to brunch to just walking around this amazing place, I’ve seen so many sites and visited with some amazing people. I cannot wait to come back real soon!

For now, it’s time to get ready for my next trip — Chicago! Another fantastic city I can’t wait to get my hands all over.


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