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Learning a New Language While Traveling

It can be tough communicating in a new place where you are not familiar with the language. There are many challenges that you will face, but there are some tricks to help you learn the basics quickly while traveling.

  1. Necessity

Forcing yourself to use the native language will help force yourself to learn it. Don’t be afraid to practice asking questions and communicating with friendly locals. There will be many times when you absolutely need to use the native language to ask where the bathroom is or where a location is. This is a great way to be able to interact with the locals and learn how they speak the language. If you really get stuck, you can always use a translation agency for a much smoother transition.

  1. Be observant

Sometimes it is best just to sit and listen, really listen. May it be in a local café or on a train, if you observe the actions and language of the locals around you, then it might help you pick up on the language more quickly. There is no better way to learn a language than to listen to the locals having a conversation in it.

  1. Start slow

It is just fine to start out really slow when learning a new language. Think of it like a child. You had to start slow when learning your native language so it is the same thing when you start learning a new language. Stick to just a few simple words to get started out and learn the basics.  And always be careful of using slang!

  1. Be consistent

Resist using your native language. Even if you are staying at a resort that speaks it. Being persistent with learning and using the new language will help you catch on more quickly. And usually the staff at the resort or local restaurants are open to trying to help you speak the new language and may even give you pointers!


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