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brazil world cup 2014

Last-Minute Travel to Brazil For the World Cup

If you’re thinking about a last-minute travel deal to Brazil to try and soak up the Samba atmosphere we’re all seeing on our TV screens then there’s good news and bad.

First the good news; there are plenty of cheap flights available and the same goes for cheap accommodation in Brazil itself. The previously expensive flight prices and hotel room rates that had been prevailing for a while all dried up as hotels with vacancies and airlines unfilled seats flooded the market.

Football fans who held their nerve have been able to clean up – and the sale is continuing as the World Cup progresses. So, for example, city-breaks to Brazil’s biggest city Sao Paulo are currently available for somewhere in the region of £1,000 a week. This price includes flights from Heathrow via Miami, with a 3-star central hotel. The equivalent trip a few months ago would have cost you around three times this price.

So what’s the bad news we hear you ask? Well the bad news concerns ticket availability for the major games. Tickets are reportedly being sold on the black market for many, many multiples of their face value for the big games.

So if you want to travel to soak in the atmosphere in the bars around the games, you should be able to find a great bargain (particularly to Sao Paolo which is very well-served for flights and hotels). But if you’re thinking about travelling on spec’ and hoping to catch a few big games picking up tickets when you’re there, this may not be the wisest course of action. In fact, it’s better instead to enjoy the games at home in front of the TV and plan a calmer trip to Brazil some time later when you can take in a few games and do stadium tours etc. It may not be the same as the real thing, but at least you won’t be ripped off by touts.

Having a gamble on the games with Betfair can add to the excitement. At, the World Cup games’ odds are live and shifting continuously as each game progresses. So those shrewd enough to read a game as it progresses can back and lay throughout a match to take advantage of their insights.

This makes even the most boring games interesting. What’s more, with Betfair the odds generally exceed those of the bookmakers. In fact, because Betfair is simply a market; an exchange between buyers and sellers, there is no bookmaker – it’s just a matter of pitting your wits against those of football fans from around the globe betting the other way on the beautiful game’s greatest ever tournament … for those of us who can’t be there!

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