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Last Minute Preparations

Last Minute Preparations

Before I set out to Europe in 2013, I had several last minute preparations. I’ve made you somewhat of a checklist to roll through to give your some perspective.

  • Verify and locate your passport
    • You’re not going anywhere without a passport! Although you should hardly wait for the last minute to verify your information, this can save you some trouble in the immediate future. See that the passport is still valid and is easily accessible before you even set out to the airport.
  • Get a checkup on your health
    • Getting a checkup is essential to staying healthy once you’re on the road. Trust me, you won’t want to be stuck in some foreign city with no medical insurance, battling the flu. Depending on where you’re traveling, your doctor can set you up with the right vaccinations. It also doesn’t hurt to make sure you receive some quality dental care beforehand.
  • Establish an emergency contact
    • Plan for the unexpected with an emergency contact. If anything happens to you on your trip, they’ll be the first notified. You may also want to consider leaving them some cash in the event you need cash wired to you in an emergency.

Be safe during your next trip by covering all these last minute preparations!

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