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The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Sometimes the best trip possible takes you no further than the hotel room, something I found especially true at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.

golden nugget double suite hotelIn celebration of my girlfriend’s birthday, some friends and I decided to rent out the two-story suite — one of the more elite rooms available on Vegas’ historic Fremont Street. The experience was just unreal and one day in the fall I’m not soon to forget.

The fancier suites have their own exclusive elevator access, requiring you to get a specific key card from the hotel security. Using the key card, we were located on the ‘spa suite’ level — I think perhaps because the tub doubled as its own type of spa, not entirely sure. Stepping off the elevator, we had virtually arrived to our room which had great big double doors.

Walking inside was the easily the best part. As you crack the door open, you’re immediately greeted with this charming wide open space that’s unlike any hotel you’ve ever seen. It was closer to stepping into some million dollar condominium than it was a hotel in Vegas.

Right inside was a luscious couch space that could easily accommodate everyone in our party. There was a little drink station perfect for making a few cocktails before we hit the old strip. Just before climbing the winding stairs there was a beautiful gold table that sat close to the floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the hotel’s pool — a pool that was surrounded by an aquarium with sharks, I should add. Only in Vegas.

Apart from the view outside, the real selling point for us was this winding staircase. We couldn’t help ourselves from taking cliche photos of us dressed to the 9’s and posing midway down. When we actually managed to climb the entire staircase however, the loft bedroom above was a genuine sanctuary. With an expansive bathroom and powder room that wrapped behind it, no doors anywhere, the bedroom was perfect for couples. I quickly discovered the bidet but never grew the nerve to use it. Next time, perhaps?

Of course we did inevitably do our share of gambling. Unique to the Golden Nugget, we ended up playing a smaller open air game of craps just alongside the pool deck. It was a lovely fall day in Nevada, the warm sun sitting just over our shoulder. The maximum capacity for the table was six people, which actually allowed my entire company to sit and take in a reasonable amount of shooting dice. Although the birthday girl didn’t fare so well, I managed to go up about double my entry. Of course, being the boyfriend and all, that money was inevitably going right back to the birthday girl somewhere down the line.

fremont las vegas

Later that night we ended up hitting Fremont Street and I ended up purchasing my girlfriend a purple wig (per her request) so that she fit the Fremont look perfectly. Although the main strip in Vegas is a great place to be, you’ve never truly experienced Vegas until you’ve spent a night on Fremont.

I’m still recovering from the mental toll Vegas took on me but I can’t wait to get back soon.


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