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Keeping cool is the Las Vegas heat – how the locals do it

Think of Las Vegas and it’s easy to picture casinos, bright lights, famous landmarks and all the glitz and glamour that is synonymous with the neon capital of the world. Every year, Las Vegas welcomes millions of visitors from all over the globe, and while expectations of high stakes gambling and dazzling entertainment are met, what many visitors fail to take into consideration is the rising temperatures and scorching heat. 

With the hottest month of the year (July) often hitting highs of 40 degrees and even higher, it’s easy to forget that Las Vegas is actually located in the middle of a desert. So, how can visitors stay cool when the temperatures begin to climb? Here we’ll take a look at how to keep cool in the Las Vegas heat and how the locals do it!

Aircon is king!

You’ll find that almost every home has an aircon system, and locals keep theirs in good working order with this air conditioning company in Las Vegas. When booking your hotel room, or Airbnb, ensure that the aircon is working and suitable for your needs. If you find there is a problem with your air con, don’t hesitate to get it looked at as soon as possible. 

Head to the water park

If your hotel has its own pool, then you’re in luck! However, if your accommodation doesn’t have a pool or you want something a little more adventurous then a few simple lengths each morning, then consider heading to one of the water parks. Cowabunga Bay and Wet ‘n’ Wild are some of the most popular water parks for tourists – it’s a great way to cool off after a busy night at the tables.

Enjoy a chilly spa experience 

It doesn’t get much more fast-paced than Las Vegas, however, there are some opportunities to relax and cool off. Head to the spa at Caesars Palace and you can enjoy The Arctic Ice Room, where you can experience a wide range of treatments and snow falling from the ceiling!

Cool off in a casino 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the fully air-conditioned casinos on the main strip. Try some nickel or penny slots or sit and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat at a bar.

Go out at night

If the heat is simply too much, then consider doing a lot of your sightseeing and activities at night, where the temperature drops considerably. Most venues are open throughout the night in Las Vegas, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on anything.

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