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It’s Easier to Earn Westpac Altitude Points, But You Need to Learn Their Management

Westpac Altitude points is one of the loyalty programs in place by Westpac Banking Corp. in Australia. It allows you to redeem points for flights hotels and other purposes so that you can get the maximum value of being with Australia’s premiere (first) bank and oldest company.

The Bank of New South Wales merged with Commercial bank of Australia in 1982 and they consequently changed their name to Westpac Banking Corporation. They are currently one of Australia’s 4 big banks and provide exceptional services to their 14 million customers (measured at March 2018). They have employed close to 40,000 professionals to ensure their services are delivered with the utmost quality in mind.

Earning Westpac Altitude Points Easily

Westpac Altitude points are easy to earn if you have one of their Altitude credit card(VISA or Mastercard). Their website details that they allow you to earn (on average) 1 Altitude point per $1 spent on Altitude, Altitude Business, Altitude Business Gold, Altitude Platinum and Altitude Platinum Plus credit cards. Some transactions have lower earning rates at times, however.

The great thing about the Westpac Altitude Point system is that till the time you are a Westpac Altitude card-holder, the points will not expire. That means you can gather your altitude points to use as and when you need.

How the System for the Cards Works

Now you know how to earn points on your cards, but what can you use these altitude points for? There are a variety of things that you can buy with these cards. You can book flights or get different hotel bookings, or buy things of interest that would normally cost you a lot more without the Altitude cards.

The new points you earned the previous business day are added to the Altitude Rewards Centre every business day. The points will reflect what you earned on each transaction within two business days when the transaction first appeared on your card’s account.

Managing Points

While you may be earning points on your Altitude card, for each time you spend, you must not exceed your budget by buying things you don’t need. You can use the cards for different purchases and those purchases will earn you points.

You can keep a track of the points that you have with so that you know exactly how many points you have. You can earn these points over a long period of time and they will not expire, so it’s important to spend wisely and lucratively.

You can even transfer your altitude points to different frequent flier loyalty programs such as Qantas, although the rate of point transfer may be different for Amex and Visa cards. But you can still book your flights through these transferred points and get a hotel booking through them (given that you have enough points).

You should manage altitude points effectively and remember where points are capped monthly for different altitude cards and that the altitude black credit card by Westpac doesn’t have a monthly cap of 5,000 or 7,500 points per month like the Altitude or Altitude Platinum cards, respectively.

The better you manage your points, the better the position you will be in, to reclaim the rewards you need.

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