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Important Things To Consider When Planning Your Spring Break

As the winter days drag on, there is one thing that most college students set their eyes on- spring break. Spring break is a time when everyone can take a hiatus from classes and hit the beach to catch some sun and fun. 

However, there’s a lot to consider when planning your ideal spring break, especially if you aren’t 21. Before setting off to the coast with your best buddies, make sure that you have a solid plan in place.

  • Check What Your Friends Want While Planning Your Spring Break

Everyone is interested in different things, and this can be especially true for people when you’re on vacation. While you and your friends probably all have similar interests, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re all looking for the same type of spring break trip. Some people love a slower and relaxing pace while they’re at the beach. Others might want to visit some museums and check out a city with an interesting night life. Some of your other friends might be looking for the more “traditional” spring break and want to hit up the popular beaches in Florida.

Regardless of what everyone is interested in, make sure you’re all on the same page about what you want to do while on your holiday.

  • Determine Your Budget

In addition to talking with your friends about where everyone’s ideal spring break location would be, also chat with your buddies about the amount they’re willing to spend while on vacation. Picking a budget will help your whole group figure out what locations you’ll group will be able to afford to go to. A budget will also help determine how everyone will be getting there- such as booking a plane ticket, renting a car, or driving your own vehicle down. 

Figuring out a budget will also help you figure out if everyone is going to pitch in together to buy groceries (and ya know, some alcohol) or if people want to eat most of the time while on the trip.

Possibly most importantly, determining the budget range for everyone will help limit your options on the kinds of accommodations your group will be able to stay at. 

  • Commit To Your Spring Break Location

Once you have a general idea of your spring break location, it is a good idea to book an accommodation as early as possible. Oftentimes, as spring break gets closer, the rate of hotels or AirBNBs will start to increase. To find the lowest fare, you should definitely book early. Larger groups can also tend to get a lower rate on their room or their suite that they book.

Unfortunately, if you’re under 21, booking some hotels can be difficult, even if you are looking at an area that is primarily considered to be a “spring breakers” location. 

If you’re currently spring break planning and you’re 18, consider checking out Youth Sociable to find the perfect accommodations that fit with your spring break plans. 

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