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How to Survive a Stag Do Weekend?

Don’t fool yourself, a full-on stag do adventure can really take a toll not just on your liver but your sleep and wallet. It can oftentimes lead to health issues and a lot of incidents can occur if you do not take care of yourself and your buddies. Here is a comprehensive short guide to help you navigate through the intense bash and emerge on the other side alive and kicking.

There are so many tempting destinations for bachelors to choose from mainly because of cheap quality beer, hot parties, and adrenaline-pumping activities which are usually included on the itinerary. Nowadays, the most popular stag do holidays are in Krakow, Prague, Budapest, and Riga, to name a few. Everything is far more affordable compared to western cities, which means you are bound to indulge your appetites even more. Although the goal is pretty much to have the time of your life, that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is starting hard the very first night. Not only will you immediately have a monumental hangover but the lack of sleep will take a toll on the rest of your holiday and cause you to drag behind others. Just imagine going on a game of paintball with a headache that cranks up everytime you receive a headshot. Remember, there is a time and a place for everything! Only fools rush. At least try to hold back the opening night so you can ease into the whole vibe. Plus, you will save some dough in the process. A long distance runner knows how to:

  1. Stay hydrated. This means balancing between water and alcohol. Look at it this way: for every pint of beer you drink, make sure you get at least a few sips of water. It adds to your longevity so you can endure the whole weekend of high-octane fun.
  2. Keep yourself regularly fed and do not go drinking on an empty stomach. One beer may pack a delicious punch and feel great but the more you drink without any food in your belly the harder it will be tomorrow to keep going. At least have a glass of milk before you go on a drinking spree and something to chew on the side.
  3. Avoid going head-on with big drinkers. Although you might feel the need to prove your masculinity, that does not mean you are immune to potential setbacks which come with binge drinking. Better yet, just buy your own booze – that way you can control your intake.
  4. Pack hydration salts. They may taste pretty lousy but they can tackle sickness or diarrhea if necessity demands it.
  5. Be honest about your current state and appetites. If you don’t feel like drying up the whole pub, just don’t do it. Say that you are either saving yourself for tomorrow or just arrive late to avoid the hassle.
  6. Stay clear of dark-colored drinks. They may pack more punch when you taste them but they have this little thing called congeners, which contribute to really bad hangovers.


We all know what it’s like to get wasted and incapacitated the very next day. Just because stag dos are a legitimate excuse to turn the fun-o-meter up to the max doesn’t mean you should do it irresponsibly. It is an art in itself to come out intact when the whole adventure comes to an end. Stay sane and good luck! You have a wedding to attend to so keep things as dignified as possible when that is least expected of you.

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