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How to keep your glasses safe when you’re traveling

Passport? Check. Tickets and boarding passes? Check. Medicines, laptop, clothes, sunscreen? Check, check, check and double check! There’s so much to think about when you go traveling and if you’re a glasses wearer, you might think that remembering your eyewear and taking care of them overseas is pretty straightforward. 

After all, they’re on your face and you don’t need to worry about them too much. Or do you? In reality, many travelers experience eyewear mishaps abroad, and when you’re thousands of miles away from home the last thing you want is to be unable to see clearly! So, how do you keep your glasses safe when you’re traveling?

Here we’ll explore some simple ways to keep your glasses in one piece overseas. 

Bring a spare pair

Often, it’s the simplest solutions that are the best and most effective. When you have a spare pair, it means if you lose your others or they are broken beyond repair you won’t be caught out. . And just because they’re a second “back-up” pair, doesn’t mean they have to be drab and boring; you can still find a pair that complement your style and personality for a great price online – check out EyeBuyDirect for a summery yellow pair,  or browse their various other ranges.

Always keep your hard case on you

A hard glasses case will prevent your eyewear from getting crushed or bent whilst you’re not wearing them. You might think you’ll only remove your glasses when you sleep, however it’s just not the case! You could take them off for swimming and then have someone step on your bag on the beach, you might find yourself crammed into public transport and your bag is crushed between your body and the wall of the carriage, and so on. Having a hard glasses case means your eyewear will be protected whenever you take them off.

Keep them close-by

Whether your eyes are tired and you’re having breaks from them now and again, or you’re switching between your glasses and your prescription sunglasses, take care of your glasses overseas and ensure they’re always kept close-by. Make sure you have them in your carry-on luggage and never opt to just go out in your sunglasses and leave your glasses back at the hotel. Your spare pair should be kept separately, so if your day bag goes missing or is stolen, you’ll have your backup frames at the ready. 

Travel with a glasses repair kit

Sometimes, accidents happen. Even when you’re super careful. When these accidents happen it’s important that you know what to do until you can find a permanent solution. Make sure you pack a glasses repair kit in your suitcase, and that you know how to use it. 

And finally, keep them with you!

We’re all familiar with people asking to try our glasses on. However, if someone asks to try yours on whilst intoxicated or otherwise, say no! 

Even if you’re only heading to the hotel lobby and then back to your room, take your glasses with you – you should always be able to take in your surroundings clearly, especially in an unfamiliar place. Always keep them on your person, that way you know where they are and you know that they’re safe. 

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