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How To Eat Well on a Budget In London?

London is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, so before eating out in London a common man usually has to think about his pocket. You may want to prepare thoroughly and stock on everything you need, which can be done at a low price when you get some Overstock coupons 20 off deals. Nevertheless, here we bring you some of the best tips, following which can make it affordable for everyone to eat delicious and on a budget in this amazing city.

Try eating some street food

London is famous not only for its restaurants, but the street market as well. Most of these have plenty of food stalls, which are one of best choices for an affordable yet satisfying meal.

Look out for soft launches

Before a restaurant opens out to the public, it offers real people a chance to taste their food and review it, just to see how the customers like the place. On such an occasion they slash the prices down to 50% of the original. You can easily search for such offers and deals on the Internet!

Eat from a supermarket

You can buy fruits, basics such as milk & bread, sandwiches, pies and other useful picnic food from a supermarket. There is also a huge variety of ready-to-eat foods you can pick from: M&S, Tesco Metro, and Sainsbury’s Local are worth a try. They will offer you reasonably priced food you’re sure to enjoy.

Try all day breakfast

You might have not known that, but you can have a ‘Full English’ breakfast at any time of the day! It includes hot meals that usually comprise of bacon, sausages, baked beans, eggs, grilled tomato, mushrooms, tea, coffee, juice and toast/fried bread. These will cost you between £4 and £6 and can be easily found in local cafes & pubs, if not available in your hotel. There is no fixed menu as such, and you will find a lot of variations of this filling breakfast.

Sandwich Shops

You can buy pre-packed sandwiches for as low as £1. There are plenty of sandwich shops everywhere in London. For some good deals, try ‘Benjy’s’, and for a little upper-end deals, make a visit to ‘Eat’ and ‘Pret A Manger’.

Vietnamese, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines also are reasonably priced in London, and can be tried out when you are feeling scrooge or when you are on a low budget. Now that you are aware of such nice places available at such a low price, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your trip to London!

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