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Get the most out of your overnight stay in Dusseldorf / Germany

Overnight layovers can be annoying and boring. But only if you go to your hotel room, call room service, turn on the TV and watch strange TV shows in languages you don’t understand. If, on the other hand, you use the extra time to explore the city you’re staying in, you could just have the time of your life. Take Dusseldorf in Germany for example …

Dusseldorf is the seventh largest city in Germany and known to be the fashion capital of the country. This amazing, lively and charming city features both, old German traditions and new, forward thinking vibes. The rustic old town of Dusseldorf is known throughout the country as “The longest bar in the world” (we’ll get back to that in a minute) and offers a stage for a fantastic nightlife where you’ll see plenty of beautiful escorts dancing the night away with local celebrities. So, if you’re a single gentleman looking for a rendezvous, Dusseldorf is the place to be!  

The modern district “Medienhafen” boasts futuristic architecture and is one of the most pulsating birthplaces of German start-ups. Then there’s the legendary Dusseldorf Carnival, where the entire city seems to go completely mad! While talking to the locals, you’ll probably hear about an age-old rivalry with the neighboring city of Cologne (it’s a beer thing … to which we’ll get to later on, too).

The most beautiful boutique hotel in Dusseldorf

Being the fashion hub of Germany, Dusseldorf regularly hosts fabulous fashion fairs and thus, is a second home to many fashionistas from all over the globe. In order to meet the high expectations of these and other VIP guests, Dusseldorf is home to some of the most stylish 5* design and boutique hotels in Germany. Take the “Derag Livinghotel De Medici” as an example! This beautiful boutique hotel in the Old Town was once a monastery. The lavish décor enhances the renaissance flair of this place. The rooms, the service, the restaurant … everything here is spot on! And – finally – you’re staying in the heart of the city, making this hotel a great home base for exploring the local nightlife!

The longest bar in the world!

As mentioned before, the “Altstadt” (Old Town) is famous for its density of bars, cocktail lounges, clubs and restaurants. The best thing to do, is simply to dive into this charming maze of unique locations and just pick one. When roaming through the Altstadt it’s basically a “must” to drink at least one “Altbier” and a “Killepitsch”. Altbier is dark, rich beer, which is the culinary pride and joy of the city. What you should never, ever do is order a “Kölsch” in a Dusseldorf bar. “Kölsch” is the local beer of Cologne and one of the main reasons (beside soccer, ice hockey, and carnival) why the two cities are in a century old love-hate relationship.

“Killepitsch” is Dusseldorf’s answer to Jägermeister. But compared to its famous counterpart, this stuff is nothing for the faint of heart. “Killepitsch” is basically Jägermeister in overdrive! After two or more rounds you’ll be fluent in German and automatically become part of the bar. There is no better way to get to meet the locals. Another tip for single travelers: If you would like to find a date which will for sure meet all the expectations you might have, try out “Taleja” – THE dating App for Dusseldorf!

If your flight on the next day does not take off in the early hours, you should check some of the clubs in Dusseldorf. One of the most established and trendy clubs is the “Nachtresidenz”. This amazing location has three areas. Downstairs you’ll find a very relaxed cocktail bar, upstairs a small club will get you dancing to cool electro beats and on Saturdays the legendary dome hall of the club hosts some of the hottest parties in town.

Cheap flights to Dusseldorf in Germany

As you can imaging, an overnight stay in Dusseldorf offers not enough time to experience everything this great city has to offer. If you want to stay longer or make Dusseldorf to a starting point of an extended holiday in Germany, you’ll be amazed how many cheap direct flights from the USA to Dusseldorf there are.

This example of an overnight layover in Dusseldorf stands for any city you are “forced” to spend the night. Instead of wasting precious time sitting in your hotel room, go out there! Discover, experience, open up and you’ll be rewarded with unforgettable experiences which you will cherish for a lifetime!  

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