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The Fun of Visiting Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is one of the leading tourists’ spots in Europe, thanks to it being the home of the world-famous gambling center. Officially the administrative area of the Principality of Monaco, the area is home to the Monte Carlo Casino along with many other great resorts and fun events.

One of Monaco’s four traditional quarters, Monte Carlo has been featured in a number of Hollywood films and is well-known around the world. It sits at the base of the Maritime Alps, which sits along the French Rivera. The temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much throughout the year, with temperatures averaging around 55 degrees during the months of January and February and warming up to an average of 80 degrees during the months of July and August. You can expect sunshine for most of the days, with the exception of the usual spike in rainfall during October and November. With that kind of weather, there are plenty of things to explore in Monte Carlo.

It might be known for its casinos, but sometimes the pay outs can be disappointing. If you want to take a break from gambling at the casinos, you can get one of the many beautiful suites at a hotel and play online while enjoying the breathtaking view of the French Rivera. Often time, is better than hotel play.

An interesting fact about the Monte Carlo Casino, citizens of Monaco are forbidden to enter the gaming room and identity documents are thoroughly checked at the door. There is usually not this much trouble to gamble when using Australian betting sites.

If you don’t feel up to gambling, you can check out many events that are hosted in Monte Carlo. You can watch the pros gamble during the European Poker Tour Grand Final or catch the World Backgammon Championship. Monte Carlo is also home to the Monaco International Auto Show along with plenty of fashion shows and the longest running car rally, the Monte Carlo Rally.

There is plenty to do in other parts of Monaco that happen to be right by Monte Carlo as well. Nearby sightseeing spots include the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, the Napoleon Museum and more.


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