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Fun Spots to Visit in Beautiful Southern Arizona

It is no surprise that Arizona is beautiful, but many tourists don’t think of visiting the southern part of the state. It just so happens that southern Arizona is home to some great tourist destinations, plus beautiful weather and desert landscapes.

Kartchner Caverns


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Kartchner Caverns State Park is located in Benson, Arizona and has been open to the public since 1974. Visitors are able to get a stunning look at stalactites and stalagmites. The park has 62 campsites and is an ideal spot to go hiking. Visitors can also enjoy cave tours, a discovery center and interactive displays.

Titan Missile Museum


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The Titan Missile Museum is in Sahuarita and was once one of America’s top-secret places. It is now a National Historical Landmark. The museum gives visitors a one of a kind look at the technology used by the United States to prevent nuclear war. The underground missile site includes 3-ton blast doors and 8-foot thick silo walls. Visitors can also get a look at a titan II missile, check out the launch control center and experience a simulated launch.


Tombstone is a historic western city that is known for their history of gunfights, dusty streets and Wyatt Earp. It has been a popular filming spot for many old western movies. The town calls itself The Town Too Tough To Die. It was founded back in 1879 and continues to be one of Arizona’s biggest tourist destinations. Tourists are able to really get the feel of what the Wild West was all about.

Kitt Peak National Observatory


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Kitt Peak National Observatory is in Tucson and is home to the most diverse and largest collection of astronomical instruments in the world. The observatory sits on Kitt Peak in the Arizona-Sonoran Desert, which is an ideal spot to look at the stars. The observatory has 24 optical telescopes and 2 radio telescopes and is a great place to visit for any astronomy lover.



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