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Fright Fest’s Spooktacular Attractions

Did you know that Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California has been named the Best Theme Park Halloween Event in the whole country? It really isn’t a surprise if you have attended Fright Fest. It truly is a terrifying experience.

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Each year new features are added and the theme park seems to get creepier. It spreads across 260 acres and costs millions of dollars to transform the park. The 2015 Fright Fest is bigger and better than ever before and offers seven mazes and seven scare zones. There are also plenty of monsters hiding throughout the park ready to scare anyone who walks by.

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There is a new attraction called Call of Duty: Black Ops III and it is extremely terrifying. It is based on the new Zombie mode that the game offers and it really feels like you are stuck in a zombie apocalypse. Another new addition this year is the use of the wooden roller coaster, Apocalypse. The ride transport guests to Morg City, which is inspired by the film Noir from the 1940s. The ride features plenty of monsters and zombie encounters.

Aftermath happens to be the largest maze in Southern California and it of course is also the most popular. Guests get lost in post-apocalyptic city (see a theme here?) that is full or warriors that stalk the living. Aftermath and all of the other mazes are full of the best Hollywood-quality makeup, spooky actors and some great stories that will leave you with nightmares.

One you enter the gates of Fright Fest, called Demon’s Door, there is no escaping. There are so many places for monsters to hide that you will be watching your back the entire time. It is probably best to leave children at home. This Halloween event is not for the faint of heart and is only for those who are really looking for a spooky thrill.

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