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Florida’s Underwater Music Festival Rocks

Florida might be considered the music festival capital of the world. Key West happens to host a very unique music festival though, the Underwater Music Festival. The festival brings divers and musicians together from across the country each year to rock out in the ocean while trying to raise awareness for coral preservation.

The festival has a playlist of ocean-themed songs are played from underwater speakers. Divers and snorkelers enjoy the music in full costumes playing fun instruments. Costumes range from scuba gear to mermaids to whatever theme it happens to be that year. Some instruments often seen at the festival are the tom-bonefish, sea-phan flute and more fun ones.

Songs on the playlist include the Beatles’ Octopus Garden, Jimmy Buffet’s Fins and of course tunes from the original Little Mermaid soundtrack. Good news is you don’t have to be a scuba diver to enjoy this festival. Live bands also play on a barge to an audience of people on their boats, which makes it the only on-water musical festival.


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The festival was created to raise awareness for coral preservation. The Underwater Music Festival invites people to enjoy the sound of music while being underwater. Every year the festival has a different theme. In the past themes have been Barackuda Obama, Hillary Clin-Tuna, a Yellow Submarine reunion complete with Paul McCarpney, Ringo Starfish, George Herring-son, and John Lemon-shark. Other themes included Underwater Idol, Dancing with Starfish and Subsea Survivor.


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