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Feel Like a Fairy Tale: 5 Ways to Express Your Whimsical Style

Is your look inspired by your favorite storybooks and secret gardens? These five whimsical style ideas are totally Insta-worthy!

In Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, you’ll find the glorious line, “Those who shun the whimsy of things will experience rigor mortis before death.” Like the book, fashion in the whimsical style weaves together a hint of philosophy and a healthy sprinkling of fairy tale.

As the name suggests, the whimsical style brings together the unusual, the quirky. Ensembles are playful and unpredictable and flout fashion rules. Fanciful notions find artistic expression in a capricious mix of color, texture, pattern, and styles.

Whimsy defies the norm. If put on the spot, we’d say that the whimsical style is more spontaneous than boho chic, yet it doesn’t extend as far as avant-garde.

Read on, or scroll down to find out what the five things are.

The Whimsical Style Wardrobe

The whimsical wardrobe bulges with playful prints adorning tulip dresses, full skirts, and full-length skinny trousers and pantaloons. The wardrobe essential for the whimsical woman is a statement coat. Big, bold, and large as life, this item does not conform to the idea that a coat should be serviceable, and match with most things.

Forget it! The statement coat is merely the outer layer. When opened, it reveals the abundant joy of all the other florals, paisleys, and eccentric polka dots arranged beneath.

Any phantasy pastiche needs an eclectic cluster of flirty shoes every bit as colorful as the primary hotch-potch of garments waiting to for you to wear them on the next magical outing planned.

Accessories Galore

Some would say that the elements of the whimsical look are too loud, that the colors clash. Those who embrace the whimsy of things know that colors don’t clash, they splash. They announce themselves to the world, just as their accessories do—with careless audacity and a decidedly personal streak.

Aside from the oversized faux feather boas for a dull-day emergency, whimsical jewelry is like its wearer. Extra-long earrings, floating charms necklaces, bangles, and anklets are all part of the prized hoard of the whimsical fashionista.

Remember those hats, handbags, and purses from your dress-up days as a little girl? The ones from your mother’s wardrobe? The gold lamé clutch purses and the wide-brimmed hat?

Well, now’s the time to take them out of the attic. Give them a makeover and let them bring extra sunshine into your life. Welcome the seductive charm of that bygone world where your imagination and your whimsical, day-dreaming soul were happiest.

You can bring all that right back into the present, and give it an extra twist and stamp that marks it as your idiosyncratic style.

Designers Delight in Whimsy Too

Fanciful and fabulous, the whimsical style is the designer’s delight, as the larger-than-life Giovanna Battaglia, Chiara Ferragni, and Miroslava Duma show with every fresh breath of air they shower our way.

The emphasis is on the well-designed clothes themselves and the fanciful, whimsical aura that each outfit montage brings forth as if blessed by benevolent creatures found only in fairytales.

So, what are the five whimsical things that will make you feel fairy-like? You’ve guessed them already!

  1. Creative splashes of colorful prints
  2. The statement coat
  3. Flirty shoes
  4. Floating charms necklaces and idiosyncratic costume jewelry
  5. Assortments of bags, hats, and boas

Read our blog posts, while you dare to dream of travel to far-off lands, with a suitcase and hatbox bursting with life – and your whimsical style wardrobe.

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