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Family vacation – what to include in your first aid kit

Getting away for the summer is a family treat that takes all year to come around and is gone in the blink of an eye. With any luck, all we’ll be left with from our travels is happy memories of fun times doing new and interesting things against an idyllic ‘postcard’ backdrop. But sometimes things do go wrong and you may require medical treatment. 

This medical treatment could come in the form of first aid, and below we’ve covered the items you may wish to consider packing in your travel first aid kit. Other times, you could need hospital treatment, and if things go wrong at this stage you may wish to speak to a company like this medical malpractice lawyer based in Long Island. With all of that covered, let’s move on to the first aid kit items that could sooth your suffering in far away climes. 

What’s in the bag?

OK, we’re going to assume that you’re not likely to be performing minor surgery on your family vacation, and that most medical eventualities will involve cuts, bruises, scrapes, bites, and that kind of thing. Let’s look at what you need:

  • Latex-free gloves
  • Alcohol-free wipes
  • Bandage wrap (elasticated)
  • Antiseptic / antibacterial cream
  • Aloe Vera gel (in case of burns)
  • Oral thermometer / Tweezers / Scissors
  • Band-aids (also, pack gauze & first aid tape for larger cuts)
  • Anti-inflammatory skin cream (topical corticosteroids) to relieve bites / stings 

Please note – you will be permitted to take some of these items onboard if you are travelling by plane. Always pack your travel first aid kit in your luggage, or you will be asked to remove the non-permitted items before boarding (meaning your first aid kit will be reduced to … well, very possibly just a few band-aids).

Medical alert jewellery 

If anybody in your group is allergic to certain medications – or if anybody has diabetes, for example – be sure to wear medical alert jewellery. First responders are trained to check for this type of warning worn by any patient who is temporarily unable to speak for themselves. You may also wish to set up a preferred medical emergency contact on your phone – obviously, software and models vary, but it’s worth looking into whether your particular handset has this feature, as this will enable medical staff to alert your next of kin without delay. 

Other things to consider

Whilst your first aid kit can cover a range of ailments, you must also consider the broader spectrum of things that can go wrong with your general health while travelling. For example, sun protection should always be on your list of things to include in your luggage while travelling. You could also consider insect repellent – depending on where you travel in the world, insect bites can pose a serious threat to the health of you and your family (mosquito nets might seem like an extreme idea if you are staying in a hotel, but at night in the heat with the windows open you could wish you’d packed them!). 

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