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Experience The Magic Of Uluru With A Sunrise Camel Tour

Uluru used to be called Ayers Rock, and it lies right in the Red Centre of Australia. It’s a place many don’t know about, but it is well worth a visit. You may even have seen plenty of TV commercials and photos of Uluru, but it’s one of those locations you need to feel and see for yourself.

The area has always been a spiritual place to the Anangu people, who have been the traditional owners of the land for thousands of years. In fact, many people visit the area for the spiritual experience they often find hard to describe.

Uluru is made of arkosic sandstone and stands almost 400 metres high, taller than the Eiffel Tower and more than twice the height of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. And, you can get Uluru accommodation cheap and affordable with just a quick Internet search.

One of the most magical ways to experience Uluru is on the back of a camel at sunrise.

Sunrise Camel Tours in Uluru

Image Source: Viva La Moda

The best time of day in Uluru, by far, is sunrise, especially during the summer. It’s also the perfect time to beat the heat, and you just cannot beat watching the rock and desert come alive.

One of the most magical moments is to witness the regal sunrise over the rock formations of Kata Tjuta and Uluru while riding on the back of a beautiful camel. With a tour, you will have the opportunity to follow your tour guide across the open desert landscape while learning about the natural history of the area, creating the ultimate Australian outback adventure.

The trick is to get up early and gaze at the stars as you head towards a farm where the ride will start. Once you arrive, you will have the chance to meet your personable guide and get to know your camel. You can then set off on a one-hour camel ride through the Australian desert. As you traverse the dunes, you’ll get to experience the sensational sun rising over the giant sandstone monoliths. You’ll also learn more about the history of Aboriginals and get to see the exotic flora and fauna that have adapted so well to living in harsh desert conditions.

After your ride, you usually get to return to the farm to take photos with the camels before tucking in to a traditional outback bush breakfast like quandong jam spread on freshly baked beer bread.

Don’t Miss Out on an Uluru Camel Tour at Sunrise

Image Source: CUINTHENT

Sunrise tours are the perfect chance to take magnificent shots of the Uluru landscape as the rising sun showers everything with its luminous glow. It’s a magical experience, as you wander through the outback, perhaps catching glimpses here and there of native wildlife and quirky plants as you ride along.

If you’re not quite a morning person, and you still fancy a camel ride, you could always opt for an evening tour to watch the sun set as you ride through the red sands and watch them change colour as evening sets in.

And, if none of that is for you, you can also just marvel at the camels by taking a camel train ride around a camel farm!



Feature Image by Holger Link via Unsplash

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